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Free Maine public records allow citizens, businesses, and other entities to access vital information. However, knowing where and how to get these records is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are billions of documents, and each state institution or agency responds to individual requests for its own records.

Individuals can use the shortest paths to find people’s public information online for free by understanding how to obtain public documents and what is lawfully accessible.

Our goal is to provide an extensive resource for individuals to search Maine’s free public records in one place using the right tools and state resources.

Maine’s Public Record Laws & Accessibility of Public Information

The Maine Freedom of Access Act (M.R.S.A. Title 1, Chapter 13) is a set of legislation to ensure that the public can check public records of all levels of government in Maine.

Anyone may seek Maine public records, and the law does not restrict or compel the use of public records. Request replies are not subject to a time limit under the Maine Freedom of Access Act, but rejections must be made within five business days.1

However, there are statutory exemptions like the attorney-client or work-product privilege, documents describing security plans or procedures meant to prevent terrorist activities, medical data, juvenile records, and personal contact information of government personnel contained within records.

Additionally, there are stipulations on who can access what information. For example, some state records are open to the public, others may require prior approval, and some information is only available to government or professional agencies.

There are numerous platforms available for searching for public records. Some require payment, while others require no fees. Paid searches are often the best option for credible sources. While free searches are convenient, they may not deliver accurate results.

To obtain accurate public information, citizens must first understand where to search the public records and which government entity to contact (jail or prison, geographic location, type of court, etc.), and the records required, such as vital records, court records, public criminal records, inmate records, etc.

Criminal Records: Maine

Maine criminal records, commonly known as rap sheets, contain information about a person’s interactions with the state’s criminal justice system. In most cases, an individual may enter the Maine criminal justice system after being arrested or charged with a felony.

The system will keep collecting details from the parties engaged in the criminal case until the court settles or convicts the accused.

The Maine Bureau of Identification (SBI) is in charge of police records and other information obtained during a person’s interactions with the criminal justice system. The information contained in a Maine public criminal record differs depending on the person.2

Individuals or other entities may also obtain Maine criminal records from court records, Sex Offenders Registries (SOR), county sheriff’s offices, or town/city police departments’ websites.

The criminal records in Maine contain the following information:

  • Age
  • Official names and aliases
  • Criminal charges
  • Plea
  • Physical description
  • Pending or acquitted charges
  • Body marks like piercings and tattoos
  • Fingerprints
  • Offenses committed
  • Details of the offenders’ previous arrests

Criminal records help individuals, institutions, and businesses avoid hiring people convicted of financial crimes such as fraud, theft, and embezzlement. They also lower the likelihood of hiring someone with a threatening or aggressive history and know if individuals have been charged with a crime.

Accessibility of ME Criminal Records

According to the Maine Freedom of Access Act (FOAA), criminal records in Maine are public information. For a fee, interested parties can get public criminal records from the SBI.

The Bureau generally advises prospective requesters who want to look up someone’s criminal record to search on the official online database. This database, however, only contains information on adult criminal convictions and adjudicated juvenile felonies.2

Private citizens may also access public criminal records, in circumstances where FOAA stipulates so, by contacting court clerks, police departments, sheriff’s offices, or various offender registries.

Certain third-party aggregate sites make available criminal records, which are legally public in the United States. Third-party website searches are frequently easier because the content is not limited to regional record availability.

How To Search Maine Criminal Records & Online Databases

Searchers can look up criminal records in Maine through the State Bureau of Identification (SBI). The SBI is the custodian of the state’s criminal records; individuals may use other options like SORs, prison records, court records, arrest records or law enforcement criminal records to request Maine criminal records.

However, SBI is the best way to get official criminal records in Maine.

Here’s how to search the SBI via different methods.


This search will return all adjudication and conviction information for juvenile and adult crimes committed in Maine that the Bureau currently has on file and pending proceedings less than one-year-old.

A screenshot of Maine's free criminal record request feature where the public can look up people's crimes by first name, and last name.
Source: Department of Public Safety, Maine State Police16

There is a distinction between what information will be shared with an adult and what will be shared with a juvenile.

Individuals may request someone’s criminal history using Maine’s criminal record search tool.16 To search, the requester must supply the subject’s full name and birth date. Once they fill in the details, they must pay using a credit card.

Each name-based search costs $31.00, payable by credit card. An average database online search takes 2 hours to complete.

InforME is available to Maine organizations that require frequent criminal background checks for new employees or licenses at a fee of $21.3 However, they must be subscribers to be eligible for discounts and to be able to search many individual records at once.

Searches will get two types of responses, as follows:

  1. If no record is found for the name and date of birth submitted, individuals will get the following statement: NO MATCH WAS FOUND FOR YOUR REQUEST.
  2. When a record is obtained for the specified name and date of birth, a searcher will receive a record with pending charges and conviction information less than one year old. Personal identifiers, like date of birth and name, are used to conduct searches. The data provided may correspond to another person with the same or fundamentally identical name and date of birth.

Via Mail

Those unable to conduct an internet search may obtain Maine criminal records by submitting a written request to the SBI by mail. The subject’s full name and date of birth must be included in the written request.

A requester may additionally submit other information that may assist the Bureau in identifying and retrieving the criminal history of interest. Add payment in the form of a money order or check or when sending a mail request.

Then, place the request in a self-addressed, stamped envelope and mail it through the US Postal Service to the following address:

State Bureau of Identification (SBI)
State Hse Station #42|
Augusta, ME-04333


Requesters may draft written requests (with the exact details as in the mail request) in person and submit them to the following address:4

45 Commerce Drive, Suite One, Augusta
Phone No: Voice 207-624-7240, TDD 207-287-3659
Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How To Find Someone’s Arrest Details & Mugshot in Maine

Arrest records containing mugshots are also open to the Maine public records search. Public arrest records can be obtained from the custodian or the arresting agency of the individual of interest.

Public requests are directed to the agency if the arresting body is a local law enforcement agency. Similarly, if the arrest was undertaken by a state or federal agency, interested parties must first direct their requests for arrest records to that agency.

For example, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office issues press releases on its arrest records of certain individuals.5

For a full list of county sheriff’s arrest logs and criminal record custodian contact information, visit the Maine arrest and criminal record guide — this guide provides even more details on arresting agencies and criminal record agencies too.

At the state level, searchers may look up mugshots through the Maine State Bureau of Identification portal.

How To Access a Juvenile’s Criminal History in Maine

In general, whether a juvenile’s documents are open to public scrutiny is determined by several factors, like the magnitude of the charge, age, whether the Juvenile Court found probable cause to believe the juvenile decided to commit the alleged juvenile crime, and whether there is a competency proceeding pending in the Juvenile Court.

The following individuals and agencies may inspect and request a copy of a juvenile’s court record after requesting it from the court:

  • The juvenile’s parents, legal custodian, or guardians
  • Prosecuting attorney
  • The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), when custody to itself is being considered.
  • The juvenile
  • Any authorized agency that is given custody of a juvenile after the juvenile is convicted of a juvenile crime

However, the court may permit other people to inspect the juvenile’s sealed case records if the juvenile’s name is deleted from the file or the case is expunged.

This is only possible if the person seeking access submits a formal request to the court of law and the court grants the request.6

How To Check if You Have a Warrant (Free Wanted Lookup in Maine)

An arrest warrant is a piece of authority granted to law enforcement by a judge that permits a police officer to arrest or detain someone. The arrest warrant typically includes the person’s name, date of birth, physical description, and other identifying information.

A warrant search in Maine provides the requestor with details on outstanding warrants. It reveals whether a person is the subject of an arrest warrant, an active search warrant, or other types of warrants.

If such a person is physically present in front of a police officer and an arrest warrant appears in the system, the officer may arrest the individual right away.

Checking with the court is one of the best ways to conduct a Maine warrant search. Maine warrants are county-specific and can be obtained from the relevant county’s District Clerk or County Clerk’s Office, depending on the county’s size and the crime’s nature.

To look up a warrant, interested parties can also go to the local sheriff’s website. These websites differ by county, and the Maine Sheriffs’ Association maintains an online directory with the websites and contact information for all of the state’s sheriff’s offices.7

Users must ensure that the status of a warrant in the appropriate county is checked. Finally, residents can conduct Maine warrant searches by contacting a lawyer. An attorney can discover and confirm the existence of a warrant against a person or warrant out process.

Make Sure Your Neighborhood Is Safe: Check the Maine Sex Offender Registry

The State Bureau of Identification is the state agency in charge of maintaining the Sex Offenders Registry (SOR) for the state of Maine. The SOR lists people who are lawfully required to enroll as either 10-year or lifetime registrants. The public can freely search online for registered sex offenders.

When a person is convicted of a sex offense that necessitates registration, electronic notifications can be sent to all relevant agencies where the person lives, works, or attends school.

All SOR additions, changes, and closures are downloaded nightly to the public website. This makes sure registrations are displayed, expired registrations are removed, and address adjustments are displayed as soon as possible.

Searchers may go to the Sex Offenders Registry website and fill in the required details.17 They can search SOR public records by name, city/town, or zip code.8

Free Maine records search page for sex offender database by individual, location (city and town), and area (zip code).
Source: Department of Public Safety, Maine State Police17

Maine Background Checks: How They Work & How To Run One

MBCC- Maine Background Check Center is an online web system run by DHHS – Maine Department of Health and Human Services in collaboration with DPS – Maine Department of Public Safety and regulated state employers — who provide services and care to vulnerable residents.

If an entity is a legally registered provider and needs to insert or scrutinize an employee background check, they can log in at the MBCC web page under the Employer Login button.9

If their organization does not own an account, they may contact the MBCC through the official email address (

Requesters who want to know if someone has a criminal record may also use a Quick Background Check tool to access publicly available information about certain individuals. This tool may direct them to other resources within or outside the state of Maine.9

A screenshot from the Maine Department of Health and Human Services shows the quick background check tool with fields for the first and last names and a note for employers.
Source: Maine Department of Health and Human Services18

The second method to conduct a background check is through the Maine State Bureau of Identification portal, a branch of the Maine State Police.


  • Maine InforME Subscribers: $21.00*
  • Out-of-State : $31.00*
  • Non-Subscribers: $31.00*

However, many Maine employers begin with county-level background checks in their local police departments before expanding their staff screening process with this state background check.

Background checks may provide the following information:

  • Date of birth
  • Fingerprints
  • Addresses
  • The social security number
  • Criminal charges
  • Mugshot
  • Felonies
  • Driver’s license number
  • Arrest records
  • Current and past warrants

A criminal background check can take 1-3 business days, but it can be completed faster, depending on the database used.

Locating Court Records in Maine

Maine court records are considered public documents under the Freedom of Access Act and are thus open to the public for inspection or copying.

These records may include the following information:

  • Orders of the court
  • Judgment details
  • Court minutes
  • Case files
  • Jury records
  • Witness documents

The State of Maine Judicial Branch consists of the following courts and the cases they may handle:

The Supreme Judicial Court: This court hears appeals on legal issues raised in civil and criminal proceedings. Whenever a case is appealed from a trial court, the Supreme Court is asked to rule on legal issues. The Court is known as the Law Court through its appellate capacity as an interpreter of the laws.

District & Superior Courts: The District Court is where minor criminal offenses, family law, and civil action matters may be tried, while the Superior Court is where most civil and criminal issues may be tried.

Family Courts: In District Court, the Family Division handles a wide range of cases involving families and children, including family separation and divorce, juvenile cases, child protection cases, etc.

The Business & Consumer Court: BCD is a state-wide court that hears certain consumer and/or business cases.

Traffic Infractions: Through a centralized process, the Violations Bureau manages traffic tickets for the state of Maine. Traffic violations, also known as traffic infractions, are non-criminal offenses.

Treatment Courts

Maine treatment courts offer intensive, community-based jury treatment and strict oversight to individuals with mental health disorders or severe substance use who are engaged in the child welfare system or criminal justice.10
Also, in the state of Maine, probate courts handle matters involving wills and trusts.

Best Way To Find Court Records in ME

Although a few case types and court records are publicly accessible through the Odyssey Portal, others require individuals to create an account and request elevated access before accessing court records. After a request is approved, entities and attorneys can look up and view nonpublic case documents.11

Individuals can find court records in Maine courts by contacting court clerks or in person. The Maine Supreme Judicial Clerk’s Office is located at:

205 Newbury St, Rm. 139
Portland, ME-04101-4125

Searchers can also get the addresses and contact information of clerks of courts at other levels by going through specific court web pages, i.e., juvenile courts, district courts, family courts, traffic violations, and treatment courts.

Individuals should note that all Business and Consumer Docket (BCD) court records are available through eFiling.12

How To See if Someone Filed Bankruptcy in Maine

Maine bankruptcy records can be obtained from any of the following sources:13

PACER: The PACER system makes bankruptcy case information more accessible to the general public. PACER allows citizens to access court documents electronically. To use the service, interested parties must first register. It should be noted that there may be fees associated with obtaining records from PACER.

MCVCIS: The Multi-Court Voice Case Information System allows one to search and retrieve case records from a touch-tone phone. Users can access the court’s public records repository anytime to collect free information about bankruptcy cases. Searchers may call (866)-222-8029 and choose Maine as the state where the bankruptcy was registered.

Archives: The National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) keeps bankruptcy records for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maine. To obtain these records, the requester can either order straight from the appropriate Federal Resource Center (FRC) or through the court. The clerk’s office receives court-ordered documents. When the documents arrive, the requester is usually notified.

Courthouse: Bankruptcy documents can be acquired from the courthouse via the clerk’s office or open access terminals at a fee. Individuals may find courthouses using the following addresses:

Bangor – U.S. Bankruptcy CT – District of Maine
MC Smith Federal Bldg.
202 Harlow St, 3rd Fl.
Bangor, ME – 04401
Phone No: 207-945-0348
Fax: 207-945-0304

Portland – U.S. Bank Maine. CT – District of Maine
537 Congress St, 2nd Fl.
Portland, ME 04101
Phone No: 207-780-3482
Fax: 207-780-3679

Maine Inmate Records: Jails & Prisons

In the State of Maine, prisons are under the Department of Corrections, city jails are under the city police departments, and county jails are under the county sheriff’s offices.

In the United States, inmate records are considered public and are thus made available by both traditional governmental agencies and third-party websites and organizations. Individuals may conduct a prison background check through relevant bodies.

Maine inmate records include:

  • Names and aliases
  • Date of birth
  • Height and weight
  • Booking photo
  • Location
  • Sentencing
  • Department of Corrections ID

How To Find Someone Arrested in Maine

Individuals who want to find out if someone was arrested may look up inmates’ records throughout Maine via the municipal and county law enforcement agencies. For example, Franklin County inmate records are updated and displayed on the department website.

Searchers can find recent arrests, inmate release dates, how to visit an inmate, or even how to send money to inmates. Each county or city has its own way of accessing inmate details or how to get jail paperwork, and searchers must visit their official websites.

For city jails like Ashland’s, they display their inmate records on their website.

Finding Federal or State Prisoners in Maine

The DOC allows the public to search for inmates through its Adult prisoner and probationer search service for Maine state prisons. If searchers want more information, they are required to fill out the adult inmate search form.14

State of Maine Department of Corrections adult resident form to conduct free warrant search in Maine on any individuals within the Department of Corrections system (not including juveniles).
Source: Maine Department of Corrections14

Since there is no federal prisons in Maine, their federal prisoners are sent elsewhere so it may be work checking the Bureau of Prisons’ search tool.

Vital Records: Everything You Need To Know About Free Maine Marriage Records

All birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, public divorce records, fetal death records, and domestic partnership records in Maine are kept at the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), the Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention (Maine CDC), the Data, Research & Vital Statistics (DRVS) office, and the majority of municipal offices statewide.

To give readers an idea of just how many people are divorced, the graph below shows Maine’s divorce rates by county and based on the United States Census Bureau estimates over the past 5 years.

Map of Maine showing the counties' divorce rates (5-year estimates in 2021).
Source: Census Bureau

Maine began preserving vital records on January 1, 1892. Before 1892, vital records could be obtained from the municipal offices where the event occurred or from the Maine State Archives.15

Free Maine Divorce Information & Other Vital Records

The state of Maine is a “closed record.” Requesters searching for a certified copy of a vital record must submit a written application, provide allowable identification, and may be required to show their direct and legitimate interest and/or lineage, depending on the record requested.

These Maine public records can be accessed by parties allowed by state law. For example, a couple intending to marry might want to find out if someone is married.

Get Copies & Replacement Vital Record Certificates in Maine

There are different methods to get copies of vital records in Maine:

By Mail: Individuals may need to fill in the forms of their vital forms, i.e., birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, or divorce certificates.

A certified copy of a vital record costs $15.00, with an additional $6.00 charge for each additional copy of the same record. A non-certified copy of a vital record costs $10.00 and is marked “not for legal purposes.”

Requesters may mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope with payment to:

Vital Records
11 State Hse Station, 220 Capitol St.,
Augusta, ME-04333-0011

Via VitalChek: Requesters may visit VitalChek online or call them at +1-877-523-2659 for more information. VitalChek may charge an additional fee to expedite the order if this service is used. Individuals can send a copy of their vital records via mail or UPS.15

This resource makes it seamless and efficient for searchers to obtain Maine public records in no time.


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