Initiate a Free Maine Probation Search (Record Lookup)

Free Maine Probation Search
Find out if someone you know or love is on probation in Maine, free of charge.

Perform a free Maine probation search to look up anybody’s details efficiently. Public record databases are available so people can turn to them if they need information about individuals on probation or parole.

Someone convicted of a crime may be jailed or released on probation, having their sentence suspended as long as they comply with conditions regarding their behavior. Parole, where a prisoner is released early and returns to the community under the supervision of an assigned officer, is no longer available for offenders in Maine.

This resource covers options for finding probation records and other similar useful public records about parole and supervision in Maine.

How To Conduct a Maine Probation Search for Free

The Maine Department of Corrections (MDOC) provides a free Adult Resident Search Tool.1

This tool offers free information about adult residents and community correction clients. The database is updated daily and holds records for adults who are or have recently been incarcerated at a Maine Department of Corrections facility.

To perform a free probation search in Maine, it’s useful to have the full name of the person you’re checking. However, it may still be possible to find an offender without their name.

In addition to searching by MDOC number or name, users can also enter some or all of the following attributes:

  • Age Range
  • Weight Range
  • Height Range
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Distinguishing Scars/Marks/Tattoos
  • Location
  • Offense Type

The first page of the search results shows a list of offenders matching the search parameters, including a name, picture and details of the offender’s status.

Searchers can view more details by clicking on the photograph of the offender they’re interested in. The second results page provides more details about the offender’s whereabouts. If they’re on probation, this will be indicated in the ‘Status’ field.

A screenshot of an individual profile from the Maine Department of Corrections website displaying the status, MDOC number, last name, first name, middle initial, alias or aliases, location, phone numbers, age, weight, height, gender, adult community corrections client officer, and more.
Source: Maine Department of Corrections1

This search tool is free to use and there’s no limit to the number of searches that can be performed. If a person committed a crime in another state, searching court records in that state will be required.

Probation information can be found via the three regional offices of the Division of Adult Community Corrections.

Region 1 serves the York and Cumberland Counties. Region 2 serves Androscoggin, Franklin, Lincoln, Oxford, Sagadahoc and Waldo Counties. Finally, Region 3 serves Aroostook, Hancock, Knox, Penboscut, Piscataquis, Somerset and Washington County.

Furthermore, probation information can also be accessed through the Maine eCourts Public Portal. Courts in Maine are transitioning to an e-filing system, and access to case information is governed by the Maine Rules of Electronic Court Systems (MRECS).2 This transition means the majority of court records will be centralized, so there will be no need to contact individual courts to find records.

The Maine eCourts Public Portal is gradually being phased out. It will be replaced by the re:SearchMaine system. This system is available to both private individuals and legal professionals. It offers limited search features for free, with the option to pay for in-document text search, case alerts and other features.

Look Up Probation Information in Maine Through County & Municipal Agencies

It’s also possible to do a probation search in Maine to find information about probationers by looking at county and municipal records.

There are currently two systems available to search county court records. The Maine eCourts Public Portal allows members of the public to search court cases for free, although the search parameters available are limited.3 Certain public records are accessible only through Public Access Computers located at designated courthouses.

To find records predating or not yet transitioned to the e-filing system, interested parties must visit the relevant court in person. Contact details for some courts in Maine are provided below:

Agency Name Address Contact Information
Hancock County Superior Court 50 State St., Ste. 2
Ellsworth, Maine 04605
Cumberland County Superior Court 205 Newbury St.
Portland, Maine 04101
Franklin County Superior Court 140 Main St.,
Farmington, Maine 04938
York County Superior Court 515 Elm Street
Biddeford, ME 04005
Penobscot County Superior Court 78 Exchange Street
Bangor, ME 04401

The Maine Judicial Branch provides tools to help people find the relevant court for their city or town; use this tool to find the nearest district or superior court.4

View Probation Violations & Supervision Officer Contact Details in Maine

Information about probationers, including whether they’re wanted for violation of their probation, can be found using the Maine Adult Resident / Adult Community Corrections Client Search Service.

The tool accepts many parameters, including first name, surname and middle initials, as well as gender, offender number, and identifying characteristics such as age range, weight, etc. Providing as many details as possible helps to narrow down the search.

The results table will provide information about the offender in a table. The “Status” column indicates whether the offender is currently incarcerated or has been released into the community. If they are wanted for a violation of their probation, this will be shown in red, for example with the text “Warrant Absconded”.

The probation office responsible for supervising an offender will be listed in the Location column. Clicking on the offender number will bring up a more detailed results page showing information about the crimes the offender was originally held for.

The Maine State Police also maintains a database of sex offenders. The Maine Sex Offender Registry supports searching by first and last name, location or within a set radius of a zip code.5

A screenshot showing a Maine sex offender registry search results displaying a photo, complete name, town or primary domicile and a select button from the Department of Public Safety, Maine State Police website.
Source: Maine State Police, Department of Public Safety5

If an individual has concerns about a person and has already conducted a probation search in Maine on other databases, it may be appropriate to contact that person’s probation officer.

A screenshot from the Maine State Police Department of Public Safety website shows an individual's profile with a mugshot, name, aliases, date of birth, registrant type, last complete verification received, convictions, and more.
Source: Maine State Police, Department of Public Safety5

The county probation department responsible for overseeing the offender’s probationary period can pass on messages to the correct officer.

A list of probation departments in Maine is provided in the below table:

Agency Name Address Contact Information
Aroostook County Probation Department 26 Court Street
Houlton, ME 04730
Kennebec County Probation Department 115 State Street
Augusta, ME 04330
Penobscot County Probation Department 85 Hammond Street
Bangor, ME 04401
Piscataquis County Probation Department 52 Court Street
Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426
Sagadahoc County Probation Department 752 High Street
Bath, ME 04530
Waldo County Probation Department 174 Hogan Road
Bangor, ME 04401

These offices are not the correct places to contact for a probation search, as they’re not custodians of public records. Contact them only to pass on concerns about an individual known to be on probation.

Crime victims have the right to information about criminal cases, including information about the trial and notification of release or escape after conviction.

If a victim would like to be notified about a convict’s escape or release, they can either file a request with the Office of the Maine Attorney General, or directly with the Maine Department of Corrections, which can be contacted at the following address:

Maine Department of Corrections
Central Office
25 Tyson Drive 3rd fl. State House Station 111
Augusta, Maine 04333-0111

Phone: (207)-287-2711
Fax: (207)-287-4370

Depending on the nature of the crime that was committed, victims may be eligible for some financial support from the state. The Maine Crime Victims’ Compensation Program supports victims of violent crime and family members or dependents of homicide victims.6

Execute a Parolee Lookup in Maine

Maine is one of only 16 states that does not have a parole system. It abolished parole in 1976 and was the first state to take this action. There are efforts to restore the option of parole, but progress on bills to do so has been slow.

The last offender eligible for parole under the old system was convicted in 1975 and released in June 2016. The Maine Board of Parole still exists to monitor the few remaining offenders. Cases that are old enough to be covered by the Board of Parole may not have been ported to the electronic case search systems yet.

Those who are looking for information about offenders who are on parole can contact the Maine Department of Corrections, which can be contacted at:7

Maine Department of Corrections
Central Office
25 Tyson Drive 3rd fl. State House Station 111
Augusta, Maine 04333-0111

Phone: (207)-287-2711
Fax: (207)-287-4370

The department maintains a list of correctional facilities and their contact details, as well as a list of the state’s probation and parole offices covering each region.8 The Adult Community Corrections department can be contacted at:

Division of Adult Community Corrections
State House Station 111 Tyson Building, AMHI Campus
Augusta, ME 04333-0111

Telephone: (207)-287-2711

The Adult Community Corrections Client Search Tool is free to use and provides a list of offenders. All that’s required to search the database is a name, but other details (such as an approximate age) can help refine the search.

The results table will provide a lot of information about offenders matching the search parameters including their full name, a photograph, and their current incarceration status. Offenders who have been released into the community will appear in the search results as “In Community”.

A screenshot showing adult resident search results from the Maine Department of Corrections website, with details including the MDOC number, full name, image, status, birth date, race/ethnicity, gender, earliest possible release date, and location.
Source: Maine Department of Corrections1

Using the above services, anyone who is looking for probation or parole information can find a lot of details for free. Keep in mind that parole only applies to convictions that occurred before 1976, so for more recent cases, a Maine probation search is more appropriate.


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